Lactation Services


Breastfeeding support is vital to breastfeeding success. I am here to support you on your breastfeeding journey and want to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals. No matter how you choose to feed your baby whether by breastfeeding, expressing milk, donor milk, or formula, together we can find a way to make feeding your baby an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Whatever challenges you may face, whether it is low supply, pain, over abundance, breastfeeding after a caesarean, going back to work, weaning, achieving full term breastfeeding, or anything in between, we can work together to formulate strategies to help you be successful in your feeding goals! As an independent Certified Lactation Counselor you can rest assured that I have your goals and specific needs in mind and will deliver personalized care and support. I offer in home consultations unlike the Lactation Counselors at the hospital. This is a unique benefit to you as it allows you to receive personal care right from the comfort of your own home, saving you the stress of having to leave the house. I offer support to breastfeeding parents at any stage in their breastfeeding journey, whether you are 3 days into your journey, or 3 yrs into it, Gentle Beginnings is here for you every step of the way to help you find solutions, offer support, and to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals! Lactation consultations can be done in person or virtually through multiple internet platforms. Consultations are $50/ visit. A consultation can last anywhere from 1 1/2hrs. to 2 1/2hrs. Consultations include assessing a feeding as well as discussing your personal goals and situation. Phone calls with general questions are always welcome and are free. 

What Does Lactation Support Look Like?

Lactation Support is so much more than obtaining a good latch (although that is a very important part of it) here are a few other key aspects of lactation support:

  • Lactation support is listening! As a CLC I am here to listen to YOU and your specific needs, concerns, and goals!

  • Working together with you to create a successful breastfeeding plan that helps you achieve your personal breastfeeding goals

  • Is customized and strategic! I take into account your wants, wishes and desires along with any challenges you may be facing and will work with you to help you tackle those challenges in a realistic and achievable way. No two mother and baby pairs are the same, and their needs and challenges are unique to them and their situation and my lactation support is personalized to take into account your unique situations.

  • Supports a myriad of ways in which you can feed your baby and offers you multiple options and solutions to fit your needs.

  • It is also about good latch fundamentals. Good lactation support always addresses the quality of the latch and as a CLC, I offer latch assessments to ensure comfort, efficiency, and a pleasurable feeding experience for both mother and baby. Pain is often  a result of an improper latch and with a few adjustments to a latch, we can make breastfeeding pain free and enjoyable!  

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