Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I am planning a Caesearn Section birth can a doula still support me?                             Absolutely! Doulas are a wonderful addition to your caesearn birth team! They can be present with you (at the Doctor's disgression) for your birth, can help you formultate a gentle, baby friendly, caesearn birth plan, are there for you for constant emotional support, offer calming techniques (deep breathing, essential oils etc.), can help make the whole birth more memorable, take pictures for you (if allowed), and be there for you if your partner needs to leave at any point. They can also assist you in getting breastfeeding going. These reasons plus many more are still many great reasons to hire a doula for your caesearn birth! Remember doulas are there for you prenatally, during the birth and postnatally.Doulas enhance any birth experience, not just vaginal births!

  2.  I would like an epidural, what benefits can I recieve from doula support?                          Doulas make a wonderful addition to your birth team under any circumstances including having an epidural. Doulas can support you with non pharmaceutical comfort measures to get you through the first portion of your labor until you are ready to recieve your epidural. Once you have recieved your epidural, your doula can suggest effective resting postions for you to be in while you rest, that encourage and facilitate progress. Doulas can chat with you while your partner takes a rest, or help keep the room quiet and calm so you can rest. Doulas also can suggest effective pushing postions for epidrual births, and can also help get breastfeeding off to a great start! Remember doulas are there for you prenatally, during the birth and postnatally. There are still plenty of reasons to hire a doula for your epidural birth, don't miss out on the tremendous benefits that doulas have to offer you in your medicated birth!                

  3.  Does a doula take the place of my partner? Are there any benefits for my partner?          NO! Doula's do NOT take the place of your partner and YES there are plenty of benefits for partners when you hire a doula. Doulas are present IN ADDITION TO, not IN PLACE OF your partner! Doulas help your partner know how to apply comfort measures and postioning techniques, can offer explaniations and clue them into what is going on in your labor, offers your partner breaks for naps, nurishment or just a moment to relax while giving them peace of mind that you are not left alone! Doulas help take the load and pressure of being the sole support person off of your partners shoulders and can allow your partner to relax and enjoy the birth with you!