Kind Words and Testimonials

"Having Shannon as our Doula was one of the best decisions we made for our birth. She has a clam and comforting way about her and she is very knowledgeable and can ease new parents minds. The knowledge and communication skills Shannon posssesses make her an ideal doula. Shannon helped me even while in the operating room for a c-section. I would want her no matter the circumstances around the birth."

~ Katie and Ryan Daurte

"Shannon is amazing!! I wasn't originally planning on hiring a doula because I had been studying labor and birth already. I wasn't too nervous and thought I was prepared for what was coming. I was already late in gestation when we connected but I am so glad we did! I know that without her presence during labor I would have had a much different experience. It was so hard but she was such a positive light and made me feel so confident during the process. Shannon is super knowledgeable about birth, birthing positions, and various techniques for comfort. I am glad I had those options during my labor, but what really helped me get through it was her calming disposition and how attentive and encouraging she was. She really helped me stay in control during contractions. Shannon was definitely my rock through it all. I am so grateful she was there to support me in such a personal way. I will absolutely work with her again when the time comes!"

~ Annelise Spell

"Shannon is amzing hands down! She is very compassionate about what she does as well as informative. I went into the beginning of my pregnancy concluding that I would be having a medicated birth at the hospital as usual with curiosity of having a natural birth...maybe. Shannon helped me gain the confidence and power I never knew I had, and although my son's birth still didn't go as planned, I went in head strong and determined to have him naturally. I could not have done it without all her help, information, positive words, encouragement and suppport! She truly cares about you as an individual and your baby!"

~Chelsea and Justin Schlapman

"We have had 4 children and have not had a doula until my last pregnancy with our son. With Shannon's services for his pregnancy and delivery, it was the most relaxing delivery of all my births! She does an amazing job at keeping you calm and helping you,and it is 100% all about what you want for your birth! It was an amazing experience and I would highly, highly recommend Shannon."

~ Stacy and John Wood

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