• Shannon Hochhalter

COVID-19 and Doula and CLC services

During these unpredictable times, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty about birth and breastfeeding. Many women find themselves in a scary place unsure of what their birth journey will look like. You may be wondering if doula services can still be helpful during this time, and I want to assure you that YES, YES we are helpful!! Especially now, doulas can be a great source of support, information, assist you in your decision making and can still provide you with the critical emotional and information support you need prenatally, during birth (virtually), and post-partum. CLC's are also able and willing to help through platforms like zoom and messenger and can help you achieve your breastfeeding goals even without being physically present! So please, during these difficult and challenging times, reach out and get support! There are still so many great things doula and CLC services can provide you with virtually! You are not alone, and we are still here willing and able to help you!

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