• Shannon Hochhalter

Empowered Birth Empowered You

Birth is powerful and can literally change the course of a woman's life. As women, we can change the world, but if we feel like our voices and opinions don't matter, we tend not to act. Birth is one place where women often times do not feel the freedom to state their wishes and desires and often leave the birth room feeling like they were not in control of their births. My goal is to help women be aware of their options, encourage them to have open, honest conversations with their care providers, and inform themselves so that they feel like they have made the best choices for themselves and their babies and that they walk away from their births feeling empowered and honored. Have you ever felt "robbed" of your birth experience? Have you ever felt your birth experience was honored? If you feel free, I would love to hear your story. You never know whom it may help!

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